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Cloud Business Management

Cloudyn manages and optimizes multi-platform clouds by enabling full visibility and accountability, packaged with continuous optimization across all clouds. Supported platforms include Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Openstack, as well as cloud containers. Manage your customers’ subscription and billing portal; improve margins with more
Value Added Services (VAS).

Cloudyn for Azure CSP partners

  • Manage your end customers’ subscriptions and accounts
  • Support billing portal functionality
  • Present details of custom charges, custom markups and discounts
  • Offer cloud visibility, accountability and optimization as VAS

Cloudyn for Azure CSP end-customers

  • Gain granular, real-time visibility into cloud consumption, cost and performance
  • Empower cloud accountability through accurate cost allocation and chargeback
  • Optimize and streamline cloud consumption for efficient cloud growth

Comprehensive Cloud Business Management

Get cloud brokering capabilities

Gain full visibility and control over your cloud business with additional capabilities for CSPs:

  • Manage and monitor end-customers’ consumption, cost and profitability
  • Get visibility into enterprise-grade n-tier hierarchy per end-customer
  • Support any value-chain business model (n-tiers, direct, indirect, partner, distributor)
  • Guarantee full data segregation through Cloudyn’s multi-tenant application
  • Implement control policies and consumption limits through reports and alerts
  • Customize margins and discounts per end-customer
  • Apply preferred cost allocation methods within end-customer
  • Manage customers’ subscriptions and billing via custom-built portal
  • Offer Cloudyn’s visibility, accountability and optimization capabilities as VAS to your end-customers

Cloudyn for Azure CSP is here

Better manage Microsoft Azure Cloud users and increase profit margins

In March 2017, Cloudyn announced support for Microsoft CSPs and their first beta users.

The cloud business management solution enables CSPs to monitor end-customer deployments, support custom pricing models, manage subscription and billing portals and provides value-added services.


  • Get one month free trial
  • No upfront fees required
  • Pricing is determined by cloud spend, with a minimum threshold


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“Microsoft is pleased to see Cloudyn’s support for partners selling through the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP). Success in the cloud depends on full accountability and the efficient use of cloud resources…We encourage partners selling through CSP to implement cloud business management as part of their best practices, and pass these on to their customers.”

Garth Fort, General Manager-Partner Channel Marketing, Microsoft

“Solution Providers rely on Westcon-Comstor for ways to optimize Microsoft cloud workloads and simplify operations from order through service management. Cloudyn is a critical part of our BlueSky cloud services aggregation and management platform and helps us to provide solution providers with a way to deliver optimized cloud workloads and streamlined billing to end customers.”

Joe Tieu, Senior Director-Cloud Practice, Westcon-Comstor

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