5 Scheduled Reports Every CFO’s Team Must Have

April 29 2015 | by Jonathan Nimrodi Cloud Cost Management, Cloud Optimization

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Chief financial officers (CFOs) play a crucial role in their organizations, responsible for ensuring return on investment (ROI) in all investment areas, especially when it comes to IT. As a result, CFOs are expected to lead and influence the discussion about how the cloud can be used as a business enabler.

Due to the cloud’s pay-as-you-go nature, organizations are often at risk of suffering from cloud sprawl and therefore must monitor all costs closely so that overall budgets aren’t exceeded. Another major challenge for CFOs is dealing with untagged cloud resources, which may cause lack of segmentation between different departments, applications and projects.

This post, originally published venturebeat.com, gives a nice snapshot of five cloud cost reports that help CFOs’ teams manage their responsibilities and overcome challenges by leveraging the public cloud, including:

1. Cost allocations
2. Monthly and annual projected costs
3. Porting recommendations
4. Compute distribution, including reserved-instance recommendations
5. Month-to-date cost vs. threshold

Check out the full post here.


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