Are Your Competitors Getting A Better Deal On the Cloud?

June 30 2014 | by Eran Abramson

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With cloud adoption growing at breakneck pace, organizations are increasing resources and deployment in hopes to further gain on the cloud potential benefits. Unfortunately, without increased management and optimization, your cloud efficiency decreases while costs continue to rise. To maintain growth without harming cloud performance, Cloud Optimization solutions are a must-have.

Questions which trouble ‘cloudsters’ on a daily basis read something like this: Which project is driving high cloud costs? What will my bill look like at the end of the month if I change….? Which instances are underutilized? Which cloud will provide the best value for money per my specific requirements? How do I maximize cloud ROI? Is my deployment inefficient per its use? …And many more.

With a number of optimization tools available to answer these, it is unclear which one will fit the requirements. This is where Cloudyn’s cloud optimization tools comparative study comes to the rescue.

The Cloud Optimization comparative study provides an educational walkthrough which assists companies to assess their cloud optimization requirements, important criteria to follow, and which solution will cater to their needs. The study compares offerings from Cloudyn, Cloudability and CloudCheckr, with additional vendors to be added in the future.

See how your competitors are making the most of their cloud and ensure your deployment isn’t left behind. download the FREE Cloud Optimization Comparative Study.


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