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AWS re:Invent 2016, the world’s largest annual gathering of Amazon cloud professionals, is now just a matter of days away and kicks off in Las Vegas on 28 November. The 5-day cloud spectacular will be hosting more than 400 bootcamps, hand-on labs, certification workshops and breakout sessions, where you can enhance your skills and knowledge in practically any aspect of AWS and the cloud.

As one of the fundamental considerations in every enterprise cloud deployment, cost and performance optimization remains a common thread in many of the sessions at this year’s event. But with such a wide choice of offerings, how do you know which one is right for you?

So, in this post, we’ve cherry-picked five of the best cloud optimization sessions for the enterprise cloud professional—ranging from introductory level, for people who are new to a topic, right through to highly technical deep dives aimed at experts in their field.

1. ARC310 and ARC310-R – Cost Optimizing Your Architecture: Practical Design Steps for Big Savings
Session Level: Advanced
This session will take you through some of the key elements of cost-aware cloud architecture, with a focus on breaking down and distributing your application components to make efficient use of the AWS services on offer.

You’ll learn how to use Amazon’s infrastructure-as-code (IaC) service, CloudFormation, to create and maintain cost-efficient architectural patterns in conjunction with AWS services such as EC2, EC2 Container Service, Lambda, RDS and S3.

Through use of practical examples, architects and developers will come away better equipped to address cost in their system designs as well as performance, function and scale.


2. ENT305 – Setting the Stage for Instant Success: Getting the Most out of Your AWS Deployment
Session Level: Advanced
An opportunity to see first-hand how Cloudyn’s solutions help clients to optimize their cloud resource consumption through a real-life enterprise case study.

Global sports and entertainment ticker seller, Ticketmaster, share their experiences of using Cloudyn to manage their large, complex and dynamic workloads deployed to thousands of EC2 instances across a multitude of regions and availability zones.

You’ll learn how the software gives the ticket-sales giant actionable insights into its AWS deployments, helping them to get the most out of their cloud investments and improve the bottom line.


3. CMP307 and CMP307-R – Save up to 90% and Run Production Workloads on Spot (Featuring IFTTT and Mapbox)
Session Level: Advanced
Spot Instances are excess AWS compute capacity available at significantly lower prices than standard on-demand EC2 machines. But exactly how can your organization tap into the huge cost-saving potential of Spot Instances without compromising availability?

In this session, you’ll see how high-profile AWS customers, such as IFTTT and Mapbox, have achieved huge cost savings and while maintaining service continuity through scalable, cloud-friendly architectures that leverage new Spot features.


4. ENT401 – Unlocking the Four Seasons of Migrations and Operations: Enterprise Grade, Cloud Assured with Infosys and AWS
Session Level: Expert
The cloud has brought about a revolution in enterprise IT, where agility and innovation have become two key components to business success. But transforming IT at enterprise scale is a complex undertaking, presenting significant challenges in today’s hybrid landscape of on-premise legacy systems and modern public cloud deployments.

This session looks at four key challenges to building a cost-efficient and responsive hybrid cloud environment—workload migration, enterprise IT integration, security and operations management.


5. ENT206 – Lift and Evolve: Saving Money in the Cloud Is Easy, Making Money Takes Help
Session Level: Introductory
This introductory session takes cloud migration beyond the basic lift-and-shift approach by exploring vanguard AWS technologies, such as Lambda, DynamoDB and CodeDeploy, which can not only help enterprises reduce IT costs but also drive business growth.

It tackles the issues of bringing agility to complex enterprise-scale deployments, through a number of case studies, which include how the Coca-Cola Company uses Puppet in conjunction with a variety of emerging AWS products to efficiently manage hundreds of workloads across the globe.


Start Planning Your Schedule
Now’s the time to start planning your own activity schedule, so you get the most out of a busy few days.

You can follow Cloudyn_buzz and #reinvent on twitter to get the latest updates on the event. You can check out this year’s session catalog or view the full event agenda for a round-up of all activities over the five days. Best of all, you no longer need to worry about missing your favorite event—as this year you can reserve your seat for breakout sessions in advance.

And if cloud optimization is one your most pressing concerns then don’t forget we’ll be exhibiting in the AWS re: Invent Central Expo Hall. Come and see us at booth #2225 or email us to schedule a meeting with one of our cloud optimization experts.aws_veryblue

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