Cloud Performance and Utilization – Making Sense of Your Metrics

July 17 2014 | by Zev Schonberg

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Sometimes the answers you are looking for are right before your eyes. However, those answers are often mixed up with lots of other data making it hard to reach actionable conclusions. Sometimes even when the answer has been extracted from the sea of information, it still might need to be presented in multiple ways to serve the varied requirements of different companies and people.

Case in point is deciphering performance metrics for VMs in your public or private cloud. Are you looking for specific instance types or flavors that are underutilized? Are they in a specific region or belong to a particular business team? Does low CPU indicate that you should downsize the instances or perhaps Memory is the critical factor to consider? Maybe the instances are part of a cluster and performance has to be looked at from an aggregate view?

To address this challenge, Cloudyn provides enterprises with a rich toolset for analyzing performance metrics and optimizing utilization. Let’s take a look at some of those tools.

CPU and Memory Over Time for the Multi-Cloud Deployment
Are you looking to see how many instances of any given type are underutilized? Want to drill down by account, utilization level, region and other relevant criteria? Need to do this across multiple clouds, such as AWS, Google and Openstack?

With Cloudyn’s instance Utilization Over Time tool, you now can easily slice and dice your view and identify sub-optimal VM performance across your entire public, private and hybrid cloud deployment.

CPU over time

Cost-Effective Sizing Recommendations for all VMs
For a quick list of potential instances that can be safely downsized, Cloudyn offers recommendations for specific instances. These recommendations are based on sophisticated algorithms that take into account performance metrics, pricing models that are in use (e.g. existing reservations) and more.

CPU over time3

Cloudyn’s performance and utilization optimization tools are part of a comprehensive cloud cost management platform which can help you ensure you get maximum ROI from your cloud.

So what are you waiting for? Try Cloudyn today. Hey, It’s on us!

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