Four Must-attend Sessions This Year at AWS re:Invent

Nov 10 2013 | by Zev Schonberg

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reinventblogOnce again, the AWS community is gathering in Las Vegas to celebrate all things cloud. Cloudyn will be exhibiting for the first time and the team is looking forward to meeting face-to-face and take it offline with customers and partners.

What Happens at Re:Invent Stays in Vegas

The Cloudyn team will be talking and demo-ing cloud optimization into the wee hours of the night – how to use Cloudyn to optimize AWS deployments, improve performance, and consistently save 35-65% in cloud spend. And if you pay attention, you might just catch a glimpse of our very own cloud guardian angel (AKA Laurie) bearing cloud gifts. Just look for a pair of white wings!
For cloud geeks (present company included), AWS re:Invent is a bit like going to Disney Land. So to help you plan a wonderful week in the cloud, here’s a list of five sessions we marked down. As you might suspect, they all have to do with cutting cost and improving efficiency.

So, if for some weird reason you actually managed to miss our (shameless plug) booth #1306, you might catch us at one of these:

Running Lean and Mean: Designing Cost-efficient Architectures on AWS
Dive deep into techniques used by successful customers to reduce waste and fine-tune AWS spending
Learn more >

More Nines for Your Dimes: Improving Availability and Lowering Costs using Auto Scaling and Amazon EC2
Improve your application’s availability right out of the box
Learn more >

Reducing Cost & Maximizing Efficiency: Tightening the Belt on AWS
Tricks and tips you can implement right away to reduce waste
Learn more >

Life Technologies’ Journey to the Cloud
How Life Technologies launched their Digital Hub platform in production
Learn more >

Check out the full session catalogue

See you at AWS re:Invent !


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