Growing Reserved Instance Usage Shows Cloud Market is Maturing

Nov 13 2012 | by Zev Schonberg

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It’s incredible how quickly things change here in the cloud. Just a couple of months ago here on the Cloudyn blog, we wrote the following:

“…in the recent past, people seeking flexible and scalable computing power would opt for AWS On-Demand, pay-as-you-go pricing. As the market matured, companies began to better understand their long-term cloud needs, and the lower-priced Reserved Instances became more compelling. But most businesses were and still are, hesitant to commit to the 1-3 year lock-in term. Despite the lower cost, the perceived restrictiveness remains a big barrier to widespread adoption.

But now, after 10 months of monitoring over 1.5 million AWS instances, we see a very significant upswing of Amazon customers using Reserved Instance pricing. This clearly indicates that cloud consumers are maturing. They now appreciate that they will be using the cloud for the foreseeable future and as such are actively leveraging long-term AWS pricing for better cloud ROI.
RapidIncreaseRIAdoptionHowever, there is always room for improvement and our optimization recommendations show that AWS users should be shifting 60% of their EC2 consumption from On-Demand to Reserved Instances.
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