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February 22 2015 | by Yoav Mor

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We will be holding monthly educational webinars, starting from basic topics that we see as critical for businesses taking their initial steps in the cloud services world. Later on, we will hold webinars based on topics which our loyal audience will ask to learn about. Slideware will be covered by live examples which will demonstrate the issues we want to convey, as well as polls, expert tips and Q&A sessions.

“Making the Most of Your Cloud”:

The cloud has proven to be a cheaper, easier, and more efficient alternative to building a data center from scratch or expanding one that has already been established. The level of agility it provides enables near seamless integration with systems of all kinds, quick configuration and deployment, as well as limitless scalability in a flash.

The other side of this is, that while the cloud has created a myriad of opportunities for companies of all sizes in every stage of their business development, rogue usage that leads to exorbitant costs is more common than you think.

In this first of our cloud webinar series, we will show how intelligent, automated monitoring of your cloud can

  • Save up to 40% of your cloud spend
  • Make actionable resource optimization recommendations
  • Relieve the efforts of IT financial reporting

In addition, we discuss operational and financial aspects of cloud deployment, and offer best practices for managing challenges like:

  • Cloud Sprawl
  • Sizing Inefficiency
  • Governing
  • Accurate Chargeback/Showback
  • Multiple cloud platforms

The webinar will take place Tuesday, March 3rd, 9am PT / Noon ET / 5pm GMT.

See you there!

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