Live Webinar: The Cloud Diversification Conundrum

Jun 14 2016 | by Jonathan Nimrodi

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With more enterprises moving away from traditional data centers and towards the cloud for some if not all their applications, IaaS vendors such as Amazon and Microsoft are offering a multitude of packages to meet growing needs. By taking advantage of the right combination of cloud services, enterprises can optimize both their cost and performance, allowing for a level of efficiency that was difficult to achieve just a few years ago. This has led many businesses to explore a Cloud-First approach but without a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with implementing this strategy, the risks can outweigh the potential.

Learning how to fully realize your enterprise’s multi-platform, hybrid cloud potential is no easy feat and at Cloudyn, we realize this which is why we are hosting a webinar on exactly this topic: The Cloud Diversification Conundrum. Vittaly Tavor, our Co-founder and VP Products will be joined by Julius Sinkevicius, former Director Windows Azure Business Development at Microsoft, to discuss how cloud diversification can lead to greater visibility and accountability, as well as optimize performance and spend. During the webinar, our two cloud experts will also delve into current solutions for managing a multi-cloud environment and the methods cloud professionals can use for cost allocation across multiple platforms.

If you’re ready to see what the cloud can do for your enterprise, this webinar can’t be missed. Seats are filling up fast so be sure to register today to secure your spot.


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