The Untaggables: Allocating All Cloud Costs

Mar 2 2015 | by Jonathan Nimrodi

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The cloud’s dynamic environment can make cost allocation a complex task, especially when it comes to enterprises that need to maintain their business rules. A new approach to cloud monitoring should be considered in order to optimize the usage and cost of each specific business unit across an organization.

Enterprises often use tags to organize and optimize cost allocation. Although AWS services like EC2, EBS, RDS, and S3 can be tagged, there are many that can’t, making it quite difficult to allocate their cost. In our guest post on, we examine a few comprehensive cost allocation scenarios that involve enterprise-grade clouds and thousands of AWS Amazon EC2 instances.

The post covers the following issues:
1. Proportional and Static Business Rules For Cost Allocation
2. Combining Proportional and Static Rules
3. Combining Linked Accounts and Tagging

Check out the full post here.

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