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Cloudyn is the only multi-cloud monitoring and optimization solution that supports Azure, AWS and Google Cloud from a single pane of glass, enabling you to manage and grow your clouds confidently.

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Cloudyn is an enterprise-grade solution that pioneered the single pane of glass approach to managing and optimizing multi-platform, hybrid cloud environments. Cloudyn enables full visibility and accountability packaged with continuous optimization across all clouds.

Providing insights into usage, performance and cost, coupled with actionable recommendations for smart cloud optimization, Cloudyn enables you to:

Gain granular VISIBILITY into all of your cloud deployments

  • Transform massive volumes of usage, performance and billing data in an easy-to-understand format
  • Achieve real-time visibility and enterprise-wide cost transparency for financial governance
  • Detect anomalies and conduct root-cause-analysis of your cloud behavior
  • Gain 360° view of actual expenses, complete with indirect and overhead charges
  • Prevent unexpected charges and avoid “bill shock”
  • Assure billing accuracy by comparing costs to actual usage and your service agreement

Create customized role-based dashboards and reports

  • Build customized views for operational staff as well as for high-level business executives
  • Leverage multi-tenancy capabilities to support views for segregated departments, business-units, end-customers or accounts
  • Bridge the gap between finance and technical teams by correlating financial data to consumption

Facilitate ACCOUNTABILITY for governance across your enterprise

  • Implement enterprise-wide policies for optimal cloud consumption and efficiency
  • Compile clear, accurate and data-driven showback and chargeback reports
  • Develop tagging best practices for untagged and untaggable resources, shared resources as well as custom charges
  • Allocate costs to the appropriate departments, business units or projects via tag management
  • Set up alerts pertaining to cloud consumption in line with internal budgets per department, business-entity, end-customer or cloud provider

Achieve continuous OPTIMIZATION to ensure that your deployments are properly priced, sized and utilized

  • Receive recommendations on how to reallocate, downsize, consolidate or terminate underutilized resources
  • Release unattached storage and IP addresses
  • Learn how to right-size VMs by type: general, compute, memory or graphic optimized
  • Detect usage spikes and other irregularities in real-time to avoid cloud sprawl, financial loss and wasted resources
  • Apply changes directly through Cloudyn interface

Plan and adjust for controlled changes and growth

  • Identify cloud consumption trends for smart capacity planning
  • Simulate “what-if” cost and performance scenarios with comparable cloud providers for an effective multi-cloud strategy
  • Ask us about CloudynDex: Measure your cloud efficiency against the industry benchmark and monitor improvements over time

Platforms we support

Cloudyn fully complies with the Azure Cloud Services platform, including support for Azure CSP. Learn more.

Cloudyn supports AWS cloud solutions platform, including all the features involved in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) technology.

Cloudyn supports Google Cloud Platform, leveraging the latest innovative abilities of Google cloud monitoring tools.

Click here for more information on Cloudyn’s multi-cloud cost management solution.


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