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Add Google Cloud to your multi-cloud strategy

Google’s cloud platform (GCP) provides reliable and highly scalable infrastructure for developers to build, test and deploy a range of programs from simple websites to complex applications. It offers hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for end-user products like Google Search and YouTube.

With more than four million apps that use the platform, Google Cloud is one of the big three leaders in the cloud computing market. It continuously report growth, mainly by gaining market share replacing smaller cloud providers.

Google has an industry reputation for being very innovative, technological, forward looking and cutting edge. Although Google is focused on the classic cloud services that suffice for most common needs, it came up with competitive pricing benefits and GCE has many strength and pros that the other vendors are lacking.

The new offerings from Google highlight the dynamic and competitive state of the cloud market. It will be fascinating to watch Google attempts to change the rules that Amazon and Microsoft have established.

Cloudyn supports Google Cloud in addition to Azure, AWS and Openstack from a single dashboard. If you primarily use Google Cloud (or Google Cloud in combination with additional cloud platforms), you should know that Cloudyn ensures that you keep up with these fast market changes while keeping full visibility into your Google Cloud deployment in a continuous optimized process for highest cloud efficiency.

*The Google Cloud implementation in Cloudyn is currently in beta phase


Grow your multi-cloud with confidence

Gain real-time VISIBILITY into consumption, cost and performance

  • Keep track of Committed Use Discount (CUD) instances commitments and compare with actual consumption
  • Verify Committed Use Discount (CUD) and Sustained Usage Discounts (SUD) with bills
  • Alert on expiring resources and agreements

Empower enterprise-wide ACCOUNTABILITY through cost allocation and chargeback reports

  • Implement unified tag management methodology across the organization
  • Realize your prefered cost allocation method according to your organizational structure
  • Ensure accurate detailed showback and chargeback reports

Increase Google Cloud OPTIMIZATION resources

  • Compile the Google Cloud input data and receive actionable recommendations to maximize usage
    • Receive recommendations on where to use preemptible or committed-use VMs for cost effectiveness
    • Design and schedule workloads with Sustained Usage Discount (SUD) awareness
    • Get recommendations on appropriate and cost effective VMs’ types and sizes (rightsizing)
    • Release assigned but unused Static IP addresses
    • Downsize, consolidate or stop low usage VMs
  • Monitor Persistent Disk volume inventory and usage, and eliminate unattached Persistent Disk volumes
  • Gain insight into Google Cloud SQL service consumption and performance
  • Deploy a continuous optimization process that analyzes GCE VMs type distribution and trends over time to enable smart capacity planning

Platforms we support

Cloudyn fully complies with the Azure Cloud Services platform, including support for Azure CSP. Learn more.

Cloudyn supports AWS cloud solutions platform, including all the features involved in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) technology. Learn more.

Cloudyn supports Google Cloud Platform, leveraging the latest innovative abilities of Google cloud monitoring tools.

Click here for more information on Cloudyn’s multi-cloud cost management solution.


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