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Include AWS’ elastic approach in your multi-cloud strategy

AWS is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage and content delivery to help businesses scale and grow. Millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud management solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. Amazon Web Services delivers an elastic set of cloud services specifically designed for the unique requirements of large business organizations.
AWS’s innovative and flexible elastic approach to cloud services challenges CFOs and CIOs in large enterprises, and the growing number of factors that influence the cloud costs and performance are becoming more and more complex to manage.

In addition to AWS, Cloudyn supports Azure, Google Cloud, Openstack and cloud containers from a single dashboard. If you are an AWS user, you should know that Cloudyn’s business analysis tools are constantly updated with the recent technology and pricing schemes of AWS and the other cloud providers in order to support this complexity.

“In fully migrating to the public cloud, we had to ensure that we could optimize our technology to spur growth, high levels of performance and efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction. With Cloudyn, we are able to monitor cloud performance, usage and chargeback, a critical factor in enabling us to confidently scale cloud computing up and down, to manage customer demand and cloud growth year-round”.

Brent Eubanks, VP of Technology Optimization, Ticketmaster LiveNation

Grow your AWS cloud responsibly

Gain granular VISIBILITY to your AWS Cloud environment

  • Integrate huge volumes of Amazon cloud solutions usage, performance and DBR (detailed
    billing report) inputs and display in user-friendly personalized views
  • Keep track of upfront Reserved Instance fees, including amortized costs and other one-time payments
  • Stay on top of expiring resources or reservations

Apply accurate Cost Allocation for Reserved Instances and prevent “RI bleeding”

  • Clearly differentiate between optimized (consolidated) and linked (standalone) costs of Reserved vs. On-Demand instances
  • Customize your preferred cost allocation method – blended/average/normalized rate, RI autonomous rate, etc.
  • Assure Reserved Instances autonomy – Assign zero costs to the RI owners and apply On-Demand costs to departments that use external RIs

AWS Cost OPTIMIZATION for confident growth

Ensure that your deployment is properly priced, appropriately sized and optimally utilized with AWS services performance monitoring tools

  • Correlate between Amazon cloud solutions usage, performance and detailed billing report (DBR) inputs and deliver insights that support usage maximization
    • Get recommendations on when to switch from On-Demand to Reserved usage of EC2 and RDS instances for cost effective growth
    • Receive notifications regarding underutilized Reserved Instances (RIs) and suggestions on how to reassign workloads
    • Get recommendations on using Scheduled or Spot Instances
    • Learn how to right-size EC2 and RDS instances types and sizes
    • Release unused Elastic IP (EIP) addresses of stopped instances
    • Downsize, consolidate or stop low usage resources
    • Decide when to sell unused RIs in the RI Marketplace
  • Prioritize reassignments of unutilized resources between departments in the same business units
  • Monitor EBS volume inventory and usage, and eliminate unattached EBS volumes
  • Gain insight into RDS instance consumption and performance
  • Deploy a continuous optimization process that analyzes EC2 instance type distribution and trends over time to enable smart capacity planning

Platforms we support

Cloudyn fully complies with the Azure Cloud Services platform, including support for Azure CSP. Learn more.

Cloudyn supports AWS cloud solutions platform, including all the features involved in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) technology.

Cloudyn supports Google Cloud Platform, leveraging the latest innovative abilities of Google cloud monitoring tools.

Click here for more information on Cloudyn’s multi-cloud cost management solution.


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